[2009 EP] We Had A Dance​-​Off In A Thunderstorm

by Sharks! On Fire!

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released November 6, 2009

Recorded by Dustin Marsh
Art by Sheldon Stenning



all rights reserved


Sharks! On Fire! Vancouver


We're not trying to be anything we're not.

But whatever we are, it's because that's what you want us to be.

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Track Name: Sharks! On Fire!
A scholarship named after your grave
Everything you do's a mistake
Well you just make more work,
You just make more work.

Fallen angels make mistakes,
They're picking on you and all that you make.
Did you ever want to cry?

Sharks! On Fire!

As if to prove you're still alive.
Track Name: Mike Battlestar
I won't remember the name of this mix tape by next year.
My favorite band turned out to be just like me:
Across the street drinking beer
Shooting stars at hopes and dreams.

We're all liars here
We're all friends here

(Let's go)
Track Name: Radio Friendly
No my friends can't understand that all these bands
Sound the same to me!
And if there's no regrets in indie rock,
Then I think I liked you better then, oh.

It's too late,
Running way too fast,
Running nowhere,
Sitting here.

At night I scale along the treelines,
As far as the leaves will take me.
I looked deep into the skyline,
To see the leaves trying to get back home to the earth.
Track Name: Dance-Off
Drunk and making out
With a stranger you just met
While we play.
Which is better?

First impressions only matter to those who don't do anything with themselves.

(Well we'd rather have a dance off)

Who are we?
We're liars.
We're trying,
To Prove ourselves.

We had a dance-off in a thunderstorm.

Who are we?
I'm just a kid, just a kid.
We can only try so hard.
I'm just a kid, just a kid.
What more do you want!
Track Name: The Taste Of Water
Say what you will say, and write it down in books
As if to say "You said it first".
Well, who cares?

Women are forgiven and forgotten all the time
So don't write about that shit, no,
With your books of rhyme and verse.

So I can't see
I keep my eyes closed late at night
So turn off your city lights

So I can't see
Who we are or what it means to be,
Well, anything at all.

And that's why there will always be songs that go a little bit like this.

So, say what you will say, and write it down in books
As if to say "You said it first".
Well, Fuck you!

Women are forgiven and forgotten all the time
So don't write about that shit, no,
With your books of rhyme and verse.

So forget your dreams and sleep
Don't turn off the radio!
Cuz they don't know what we know!

And if you forget one song,
If it makes you feel any better,
Well let it be this one.
Won't you let it be this one?

Giving thanks with open mouths and closed hearts
I'm sick of all of these parts
Where I lay in bed with nothing but bland typography in my head
Negative spaces and negative thoughts
Well I'm doing shots to blur these lines,
Descenders, terminals and spines
I think I'm forgetting spots
Broken hearts and broken tongues will never be out done
My fist fell apart in the night
When you thought I lost this one.

So I can't see, I keep my eyes closed late at night.
So turn off your city lights!
It's the same goddamn food
From the same fucking places
The same shitty meals with the same shitty
Faces share a name,
These people share a name
These places share the same name.

Well don't you see?
Yeah, we forgot it too.
Track Name: Hot Topic
Quit your job and dance!

I met you on a rainy day in August
I've never been quite the same since
It could have been the smell of those lilacs
Or the sounds of that train
Can take me away.

Hot topic's in
My band has pins
So come hang out
We'll party right after the show!

This van is useless
It's parked in the wrong place
So if you need a ride,
You'll have to find another band!

Quit your job and dance!

Dreamt about a sunny day in london
Guess I've never traveled there before
The last time that I won a trip to somewhere else but here
Was the last time I saw your pretty face.

And you looked away.